Battery Problems in Dell Laptops

Many people who are having Dell Laptops have many questions in their mind regarding their battery for which they want the solution. I have mentioned some battery problems related to Dell Laptops in this post.

Dell Inc. is a largest multinational technology company which manufactures, sells and repair laptops, personal computer, various network devices, and servers. Dell is the third largest laptop seller in the world. The other two companies are Lenovo and HP. The company is basically known for its excellent services which they provide to their customers which also include support.

There are many battery issues related to Dell laptops which people have in their mind. I have covered some of them in my article.

1. How long does the battery last?
If we talk about a normal user then the battery reduction is generally observed after 20-24 months. After that, the performance of the battery of Dell laptop starts degrading. But if we talk about a power user or user using it all the time, battery reduction starts after 18 months. So it is recommended to buy a Dell laptop according to your needs.

2. How much a Dell Laptop battery costs?
This question makes me think that you are thinking to replace your battery. It is important to say that the battery of laptop is very expensive and it varies from model to model. But normally the common price which I might say is $95. Also, there are batteries which cost higher than $150. So this question also depends on you, which battery suits your budget. Simply go for that.
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3. How much time does Dell Laptop take in full charge?
The charge time of laptops basically depends on the system because the system which supports ExpressCharge will have maximum charging in a small amount of time. It can be charged up to 80% in just one hour and can achieve the full charge target in 2 hours.

4. How to take the battery out of Dell Laptop?
If you see the bottom of your laptop, you can simply release the battery into the release position which will eject the battery out of your Dell Laptop. Just lift the front end of the battery.

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