Norton Antivirus Common Problems and Their Solution

Having trouble with your Norton Antivirus? You have come to the right place as some of the amazing solutions are mentioned in this article.

Privacy and Security are the major concerns of everyone today and Norton Antivirus is one of the best anti-malware software made by Symantec Corporation. For providing protection related to phishing and email filtering it uses digital signatures and features like heuristics. Many competitors of Norton are already in the market: Kaspersky Lab and Quickheal Antivirus. Symantec always made changes in their Antivirus product time to time which boost up their speed and performance both.
There are many problems which are posted by users using Norton Antivirus for which sometimes they didn’t get quick and proper assistance. This article contains some common problems related to Norton Antivirus and their solutions also.

1. How to fix my Internet problem after the installation of Norton Antivirus
Follow these steps for solving your internet connection problem:
Make your Norton Antivirus Firewall turn off
• Restart your system by closing all the programs which are currently running on your system.
• Disable your Norton Firewall temporarily for solving the issue.
• After starting your computer, open the Norton Antivirus. For doing this thing, go to the settings of your computer.
• Open your General settings of the system and click Smart Firewall by moving the slider.
• After doing all the steps, restart your system and open your Norton again.
• Select permanently option in the Alert dialog box which appears on your screen.
For some extra assistance from the Norton Support team, you may dial Norton Phone Number
• By following these steps your problem of Internet on your system will be solved easily and you can use the internet happily.

2. Issue related to Norton Antivirus
Norton only provides 30 days version of free trial to their users which they can install by going on the website. The assistance related to this problem can also be provided by Norton Support Team or other third parties. This type of issue is mainly solved by restarting your computer.

3. Issue regarding Norton Update
This issue takes a lot of time to solve because security updates take more time to download. The whole update of Norton is quite large which will take the time to download. You can contact the Norton Support for any type of technical support.

If you want to know more about the Norton product, visit the website Norton Customer Service